Uniview SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) Technology

The significance of video surveillance is the traceability of the entire video record, protecting the society with the means of deterrence beforehand and restoration afterwards. As a result, storage is an indispensable part of surveillance system.

Today, the hard drive is the most popular storage media, and the development of hard drive technology enables us to see more, see clearer, and see further. Uniview, a leading video surveillance manufacturer, published a hard drive with the latest hard drive storage technology--- the SMR hard drive.

Defects of traditional hard drive structure
The disk of a traditional hard drive is divided into concentric magnetic tracks with intervals between them, and a magnetic head is placed at the top of disk to record media.
The width of magnetic head is fixed, which limits the density of magnetic tracks. If we intend to increase disk capacity, we can only increase the size of disk, or use more disks as the most direct way.

What is SMR hard drive?
In order to break through the storage limit of traditional storage media, SMR technology was invented. SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording) technology overlaps magnetic tracks just like tiles on the roof to increase the density of magnetic tracks to accomplish higher capacity compared to traditional hard drive with the same disk size.

Advantages of Uniview customized SMR hard drive:

1. Better compatibility
Uniview customized SMR hard drive is the outcome of in-depth cooperation that Uniview built with big hard drive manufacturers. It is specially designed for UNV NVR, which produces targeted optimization of hard drive compatibility. UNV NVR can detect various attributes of the hard drive when operating and create better conditions for video storage.

2. Better stability
UNV customized SMR hard drive has a large file and large throughput read/write mechanism that professionally matches the surveillance storage media stream, making the video read and write cooperation between hard drive and UNV NVR closer, enhancing the stability of the device.

3. More energy-conserving, longer life
After the density of magnetic tracks is increased, fewer disks are required compared to traditional hard drive under the same capacity, so the power consumption for driving the motor also decreases, achieving ultimate energy conserving effect.
When power consumption is reduced, heat generated by the hard drive also decreases. Consequently, the product life of the hard drive will be longer, and its failure rate will be relatively reduced.

4. Better security
Uniview has developed a unique encryption algorithm verification mechanism between UNV customized SMR hard drive and UNV NVR, which adds encryption and decryption steps to hard drive recognition, making data in hard drive more secure.