Directives pour la réception des envois

To receive and inspect the cargos carried by Uniview, please refer to the following steps:

1. If the goods corresponds to the receipt and no apparent damage and damp, please sign to receive.

2. If the cartons had been broken, deformed, damped or opened with clear traces (except official unpacking inspection), please follow the steps as below:

a)  Shipment has minor damage or damp which do not affecting sales, please sign to receive and report to Uniview;

b)  Serious damage or damp leading to product cannot be sold, please ask for damage report from the carrier, inspecting the cartons and the goods' quantity and damages, and then make comments on the receipt documents. Once getting the damage report, receiver can arrange to sign, and giving the damage report and the details to Uniview ASAP.(Please refer to Rule 3 for the feedback details)

c)  Receiver can refuse to sign unless the damage report for the serious damage and damp is provided. Please report to Uniview in time for support.

3. If there are abnormal shipments found after signed and unpacked, such as cargo missed, wrong goods, please report to Uniview on the same day you found it. The related pictures are required. Requirements of pictures are as follows:

a)  Pictures of the carton: pictures of six sides, each side should be completely in the picture. The writings on the labels can be clearly recognized.

b)  Pictures of the internal goods: pictures of all the internal goods, the side with label should face to camera and completely in the picture. The writings on the labels can be clearly recognized.

*These terms only apply to goods carried by forwarder assigned by Uniview.