Déclaration sur la sanction encourue pour violation par les partenaires de la politique d’Uniview en matière de canaux de distribution

Uniview values our partners’ benefit and put it at first priority. Uniview is always willing to establish a long term and mutual beneficial relationship with our partners.

Recently, we noticed a Uniview branded partner put UNV products on its own website at extremely low prices. This action violates Uniview’s map price policy and seriously damaged Uniview and other partners’ interest. Hence Uniview has to take serious penalty to protect our partners’ benefit.

Uniview insists on building and maintaining a positive market order. This goal has been acknowledeged by global partners. Hence, not only Uniview, but also global partners have obligation to honor mutual agreements including but not limited to distribution channel policy. Uniview will not allow any attempts which would hurt other partners’ benefit. And the following actions will be taken:

i. First time of violation, distributor will receive a serious warning and restricted time to correct
ii. Second time of violation, distributor’s agent qualification will be cancelled