Revendeurs non autorisés et exclusion de garantie

Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Uniview”) is committed to the reliability and functionality of our products. Our “UNV” products are backed by the best-in-class support and each of our authorized resellers also provides the same best-in-class support to our end users. So at Uniview, we are committed to our products and to our service behind our products. Our products carry the Uniview industry standard warranty and we proudly honor and stand behind our warranties.

Uniview screens and checks every one of its authorized resellers to insure and maintain that they are able to provide the level of adequate and quality service to the end users that purchase our products. Unfortunately, not all resellers are authorized resellers of Uniview and Uniview may not be able to support products purchased from an unauthorized reseller.

List of UNAUTHORIZED resellers:
• Amazon
• EBay
• Alibaba
• BestBuy
• Newegg
• Lazada
• Wlan-Sat
• Buffalocctv
• 4Kseg Solucoes Tecnologicas Eireli
• Metropole Security Comercio Eletro Eletronico LTDA
• mvshop.online1
• ThaiTechGroup
• Sarasin Online
• Comworldkpn
• ubonsangthong
• pj_home
• GenIV
• Worldeyecam
• Mercado Libre
• Walmart
• UHS Hardware
• GS Global Security Inc.
• Konntek Inc
• Cercam De Colombia S. A. S.
• Luxim Ingenieria S. A. S
• Ariana Gostaran - Camera Bandar
• Poya Negar electronic Iranian
• Noow Shop
• 13979113Canada Inc.
• Foxx LLC (EagleEye LLC)
• 123 Security Products
• Surveillance Video
• Optima Security Systems
• Skyview digital system inc
• Nexlar, LLC

When purchasing from an unauthorized reseller, you may be purchasing a product that could be void of all warranties and services (including but not limited to software upgrade). While we understand that you have choices and often times Uniview products are listed at lower prices through unauthorized resellers, those products are often times counterfeit, incompatible, mal-functioning or defective, used, or non-compliant with the current regulations and standards.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us as

Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd.