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UNV camera Kit in Ecuador's eastern jungle

The construction of CCTV in mountainous areas is always faced with bad building environments, such as power supply and network supply. The dense vegetation in mountainous areas is severely blocked. The project in Ecuador's eastern jungle consists of two reconditioning containers that are used as a camp and a road control post for the transport of forest products, mainly wood. At the beginning of the operation, this project had been met with large difficulties in logistics due to the size and weight of the containers.

UNV WiFi camera Kit was included in each container. These kits were chosen to ensure the quality of the cameras as well as the advantages of installation, as it involves placing the cameras in the desired position and then connecting them to the grid.

IPC can be directly connected to the NVR hotspot without cascading, with a stable distance of 250 meters. Although the checkpoint is geographically located away from the town, WiFi KIT still works well because there is no interference between the camera and the NVR, and no other WiFi network causes interference or signal noise.

The farthest IPC in the cascading network is about 650 meters away, the live performance is still smooth. It greatly reduces the difficulty and cost of construction in remote mountainous areas.

Information security for UNV WiFi solutions has also been technically enhanced. The front end of the phantom scrambling scheme disturbs the video stream, and the back end can play the video normally by descrambling. You don't have to worry about the security of your video messages, hackers can't get video content by capturing video streaming packages.


1.Camera to camera cascading.

2.Long-distance transmission up to 250 meters, with cascading function reaches 650 meters.

3.Easy to deploy.

4.High level of data protection.