New Products Release - H.265 & 4K NVR

New Products Release - H.265 & 4K NVR

Over the past one year, our NVR products have become more popular in global markets, and has proved its innovation and high quality. In 2015, we continue to put forward innovative new generation NVR products satisfying the need of overseas customers. The model of NVR304-16E/32E and NVR308-32E/64E, featured by H.265 and 4K both, can easily upgrade your video surveillance system to higher definition but save investments for users.

With H.265 compression, you can deploy the cameras with much lower bandwidth consumption. 1080P@25fps real-time HD code stream is only 1.5Mbps. If you use 4K IP camera, it will be 16Mbps with H.264 compression, but with H.265, it reduces to only 8Mbps, save up to 1/2 bandwidth. Compared with H.264 compression, H.265 technology reduce 60% storage spaces, so videos with same definition and duration will occupy on 1/3 storage spaces. Users get 300% storage spaces for free. Our NVR304 and NVR308 H.265 NVR can also compatible with old H.264 IP camera, users can connect mixed H.264 and H.265 IP cameras.

Another key feature of NVR304 and NVR308 series is 4K inputs and outputs. It can not only be connected with 4K IP camera and do recoding, but also can perfectly display it on the 4K monitors. Users can enjoy four times higher display resolution than the normal NVR.

NVR304-16E/32E support 4 SATA HDD, different from most of other companies, NVR304-16E/32E is 1U case design. So it can save much more installation space for you. NVR308-32E/64E support 8 SATA HDD, and up to 64 IP channels inputs, easy to connect 64 channels of 2MP IP camera. So NVR308-64E can be easily act as a central NVR in some SMB solutions. Moreover, NVR308 series have some unique design on it. For example, it built in a 12V DC output port in the back panel, so users can easily get the power from the NVR directly for some desktop devices including microphone, speaker, alarm devices.

NVR304 and NVR308 both has 2 separate HDMI ports, one for 4K and one for normal 1080P outputs. When users got a monitor which support only traditional 1080P only, the NVR can support too. They have 2 separate RJ45 Ethernet ports, can be backup each other or combined together, which make the network connection more flexible and stable. We consider everything for users and committing to make the NVR be the most friendly and most stable NVR in the industry.

Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd. also provide free client software including PC Client EZstation and mobile app EZView for this NVR, and also provide cloud service for it. So users can easily access the NVR locally and remotely. It can be widely used in many video surveillance application including chain store, villa, school, supermarket, and etc.

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