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BMW Menlyn Auto, South Africa

BMW is one of the most successful and profitable luxury car brands and top 20 multinational automotive company in the world which was founded in 1916 and headquartered in Munich, Germany. BWM currently produces luxury automobiles and motorcycles, and also produced aircraft engines until 1945.

BMW Menlyn Auto is one of the biggest BMW dealers in South Africa. With an increasing security requirements of Menlyn Auto, Uniview delivered the complete video surveillance solution with more than 100 cameras. And every corner of company was covered by UNV cameras to prevent car theft. After that, the safety level of Menlyn Auto was apparently improved.

Solution Highlights:

1. Ultra265: Compared with high storage cost 4MP and 4K high resolution cameras, the storage cost of Ultra 265 solution is much lower, which could save up to 75% but still maintain the same image quality.

2. Smart function: UNV cameras support various smart functions including face detection, intrusion detection and so on. For the face detection, it enables UNV to spot a target person and sent alarms instantly to management center integrated with blacklist/whitelist filtering. And intrusion detection in video surveillance solution was mainly implemented to monitor and protect important and controlled areas.

3. 360°fisheye: UNV new 4k fisheye cameras can provide 360°fisheye view and display ultra HD image, the highest resolution can reach to 12MP. In addition, the e-PTZ mode helps to display the detailed image in certain area, and since the fisheye is built-in with mic, the audio also could be recorded in the system.

4. Strong decoding capability: the video surveillance solution applied in Menlyn used UNV NVR516 series which could insert 2 decoding cards, it greatly strengthen the total decoding capability enables UNV NVR516 series to reach to 112ch @2MP. Hence, it is helpful for building a control room with multiple monitors.