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Warning against Unauthorized Resellers

Dear Customers and Partners,

Zhejiang UNIVIEW Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “UNIVIEW”) is committed to the reliability and functionality of our products. Our “UNV” products are warranted by the best-in-class support and each of our authorized resellers also provides the same best-in-class support to our end users. Unfortunately, it is objectively difficult for Uniview to provide support for products purchased from the unauthorized resellers.

Please be well noted the List of Unauthorized Resellers:
• Amazon
• EBay
• Alibaba
• BestBuy
• Newegg
• Lazada
• Wlan-Sat
• Buffalocctv
• Hiperweb.com
• 4Kseg Solucoes Tecnologicas Eireli
• Metropole Security Comercio Eletro Eletronico LTDA
• Americanas.com.br
• Shoptime.com.br
• Submarino.com.br
• mvshop.online1
• ThaiTechGroup
• Sarasin Online
• Comworldkpn
• ubonsangthong
• pj_home
• GenIV
• www.router-switch.com
• Worldeyecam
• SuperTechSupplies.com
• Mercado Libre
• Walmart
• UHS Hardware
• GS Global Security Inc.
• Konntek Inc
• Cercam De Colombia S. A. S.
• Luxim Ingenieria S. A. S
• Ariana Gostaran - Camera Bandar
• Poya Negar electronic Iranian
• Noow Shop

It is impossible for UNIVIEW to ensure quality and service from unauthorized channel. In the case of UNIVIEW’s products purchased from an unauthorized reseller, the warranty and other relative services including but not limited to software upgrade would be unavailable. UNIVIEW shall not be responsible for any software, firmware, information or memory data from unauthorized reseller or any other third party contained in, stored on, or integrated with, without prior consent by UNIVIEW, any products returned to UNIVIEW for repair or replacement. UNIVIEW shall not be liable to unauthorized reseller for any consequential or indirect losses which may be suffered by unauthorized reseller.

We hope that our reputable partners could stand with us to resist these unlawful behaviors and stop any cooperation with the unauthorized resellers. Healthy market is closely related to the interests of you and us, and maintaining market healthy shall be our common goal. We will be appreciated if you could understand and support us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us through channel@uniview.com.

International Sales Management Department
Zhejiang UNIVIEW Technologies Co., Ltd.

15 th August 2022