Uniview in Action
Uniview contributes to raptor rescue efforts in China
As environment improves, wild animals increase in urban areas, posing a new challenge: how to better coexist with these animals.
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Graphene Material
Innovate Design for Future
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Dare to Dream
Know more about Uniview protect football dreams
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Uniview Korea Branch Supports Disabled Workers with Security Equipment Donation
To mark the 44th Day of the Disabled in Korea, on April 3rd, Uniview sponsored the Byung-dong Sheltered Workshop in Seoul.
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Preventing Bird Collisions with Buildings: International Fund for Animal Welfare and Uniview Take Action
Dr. Kamil's first visit to Hangzhou in March 2024 coincided with the blossoming of spring, filling the Uniview headquarters with the fragrance of flowers and the chirping of birds. Beneath the glass curtain wall of the R&D building's fourth floor, he joined Dr. Zhou Di, director of the Uniview Research Institute, in applying bird collision prevention stickers. Engineers aimed to alter the fate of birds colliding with glass.
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Introducing our new friend: The Red Panda from Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo
Nanjing, China - A new furry friend has captured the hearts of Uniview. With its round head, thick ears, and an innocent and adorable demeanor, this little companion possesses sharp teeth and claws, adding a touch of charm to its appearance. Meet the red panda, a delightful addition to the animal kingdom and a new acquaintance for Uniview, hailing from the Hongshan Forest Zoo in Nanjing, China.
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Wakefield Cathedral's Peregrines Pulling In Viewers From Around the World
A set of falcon eggs nestled in a Yorkshire cathedral spire are being eagerly monitored by birdwatchers from Australia to Argentina.
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The Security System Tailored for Power Plant
The Burdur Solar Power Plant (GES) has been in operation since 2016 and is located in a 125,000 square meter area of Burdur, in the southwestern province of Turkey. GES has a total investment of $7.4 million and an installed power plant of 6.6 megawatts.
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