Uniview released the active deterrence mini PTZ IPC672LR-AX4DUPKC

Most of video surveillance products are used to help restoring the events afterwards. However, products which can early warning plays more significant roles since they prevent events from happening. Uniview recently released an active deterrence mini PTZ camera IPC672LR-AX4DUPKC.

The purpose of active deterrence is that once a stranger enters into the view of the camera, the strobe light will be triggered and the built-in speakers make sounds that fit different scenes. It allows the active deterrence camera to be widely used for many areas. For areas dangerous for pedestrians, such as the entrances and exits of parking lot, pedestrians should be careful to walk from the entrance of motor vehicles in case of accidents. It can warn if detected any pedestrian pass through the entrance. Besides, for perimeter detection purposes, it is suitable for villas, construction site and more. The built-in speaker will sound "You are in the warning area, please leave here as soon as possible” when an intruder wants to enter the forbidden area. Furthermore, it is also applied to customers welcome, key scene security, automatic broadcasting, etc. The active deterrence camera has truly enhanced monitoring functions and reduced the labor cost.


Compared with traditional video surveillance, the active deterrence mini PTZ can immediately stop the illegal events. Once an intruder is detected, the PTZ will trigger strobe lights and audio alarms. It is designed to expel the intruders before they attempt to enter the prohibited site.

Human body detection and strobe lights

In order to precisely prevent intruders, the active deterrence mini PTZ is aimed to detect human body and filters the false alarms by small animals or other irrelevant objects. In addition, the warning lights are designed in red and blue, which is even more noticeable. And when the break-in occurs, the other two strobe lights will be turned on to provide a clear image.

7×24 protection

Powered by LightHunter technology, it can provide excellent performance in ultra-low light environments. Featuring a 4x optical zoom motorized lens, the PTZ enables to provide more details in a surveillance image.

Two-way talk

Furthermore, built-in MIC & speaker makes it easy for remote communication with people in front of the camera.


At last, with IP66 weatherproof design, it can be widely used in outdoor environments such as apartments, factories, riverside, and construction sites, etc.

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