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Keeping UK Stoneswood Retirement Living Safe

As COVID-19 became a growing concern for the elderly and vulnerable, Stoneswood managers realized they needed to be able to check whether people coming in and out of care were unwell by measuring temperatures and making sure they wore masks indoors.

Situated on the outskirts of Oldham, Stoneswood Retirement Living consists of independent living, assisted living, and a residential care home that provides essential and long term care needs for the elderly. Many care providers, staff, and careers often move across different sites and locations while on duty, which results in a higher level of exposure to the virus for both staff and residents, increasing the risk of transmission of the coronavirus within the care home.

Owner and operator of Stoneswood, Christine Tilley, initially implemented a system that manually took the body temperature of everyone who visited Stoneswood, which proved to be incredibly costly and time-consuming, also full of contact risk.

Is there any safe and accurate temperature screening solution? Christine decided to invest in UNV face recognition access control terminals and approached Videcon, the UK distributor of Uniview Heat Tracker Products.

How does UNV face recognition access control terminal work in a care home environment?

OET-213H, the face recognition access control terminal, detects the body temperature in a non-contact manner, making it easy to use and reducing labor costs. Moreover, it can measure the temperature with an accuracy of 0.1℃ and a measurement deviation of ±0.3℃.

The system will automatically deny contact not only to people with abnormal body temperature, but also to anyone not wearing the necessary personal protective equipment. The deep learning algorithm can determine if a mask is being worn, and any visitors who do not wear a mask will be rejected.

In the epidemic environment, various elderly care institutions face various pressures from the virus and internal supervision. Uniview is committed to protecting every elderly and staff to ensure the health and safety of the elderly in hospitals.

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