Wakefield Cathedral's Peregrines Pulling In Viewers From Around the World

A set of falcon eggs nestled in a Yorkshire cathedral spire are being eagerly monitored by birdwatchers from Australia to Argentina.

Wakefield Cathedral is home to a breeding pair of peregrine falcons - with four eggs that are about to hatch - the birds of prey can be watched 24 hours a day through the UNV cameras.

Uniview has a strong awareness of protecting the environment. Uniview is certified ISO14000 and RoHS. We insist of being eco-friendly during production and working.

UNV Camera with day/night function is convenient for all people who care about this project to check the video anytime. IP67 and IK10 are suitable for outdoor scenes.

Francis Hickenbottom, who is part of the Wakefield Peregrine Project, said that the birds’ eggs are expected to hatch at the end of April.

Francis said: "It's a thing that is becoming increasingly common in recent years, the peregrines are a good news story they having resurgence after a population crash."

He added that people from over 50 countries are watching the birds as they prepare to become parents.

We are glad that we are able to help in the resurgence of a species that were almost extinct in the UK. Let us witness the birth of these babies through the UNV camera together.

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