Success Cases
Uniview Helps F1 Pit Building Builds Medical Facility for Covid-19 in Singapore

F1 pit building in Marina bay, Singapore, is home to the world renowned Formula one race. This building is usually used for the high-profile Grand Prix races which have been canceled a second year running due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It is being converted into a mobile cabin hospital for coronavirus patients. This medical facility has more than 600 beds and has been officially put into operation in November.

(Photo source: Straits Times)

At the F1 pit building, restricted movement for isolated people is the main priority for one and all, which is also a critical target for this project. Hence, customers desired to have a high-performance surveillance system to monitor all important space and patients’ activities.

To tackle the pain points such like, monitoring all large space simultaneously and clearly for onsite regulate and control, Uniview provides units of NVR304-32X, with hundreds of IP cameras, TV wall and EZ station all together to create a central monitoring system. With cross line detection, intrusion detection and E-map function, the security guard will be able to quickly locate the abnormal area with a pop up window on the video wall when someone goes outside the restricted area. The NVR304-32X is also a high-performance video recorder which supports RAID function with only 4 HDD slots, making the video storage more stable and safe. While bringing an effective management for the cabin hospital, UNV surveillance system provides an efficient solution for the F1 pit building.

Last year, Uniview provided CCTV monitoring system for Singapore EXPO mobile cabin hospital. This year we continue to provide CCTV monitoring system for F1 pit building. As of mid-December, the number of confirmed cases in Singapore has been decreasing every day. We hope that with the joint efforts of the Singapore government and people, life will return to normal soon.