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Network Device SDK (for iOS)
Software NameNetwork Device SDK_V2.7.0.1 (for iOS) download
Software Description

Containing SDK, User Manual and Demo
NetDEVSDK, also known as network device SDK, is a module developed based on private network communication protocols to serve products such as IP cameras and NVRs, including the interfaces for surveillance management and control, device management, resource management and system maintenance. These interfaces can be used to develop software for functions like remote access and control.

The products can be supported as following:
Unicorn, VMS-B800

NVR201 Series, NVR202 Series, NVR204 Series, NVR208 Series, NVR301 Series, NVR302 Series, NVR304 Series, NVR308 Series, NVR316 Series, NVR516 Series

3.Network Camera