Noise Out, Voice In
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Background and Challenge

As technology continues to evolve in the security industry, there's a growing demand among users for top-notch video and audio quality. Beyond just visual evidence, audio serves as a crucial component for post-analysis and investigations. Consequently, achieving crystal-clear audio has become a paramount concern for users. However, in real-world scenarios, various sources of noise, such as the clicking of office keyboards, the creaking of doors, the humming of air conditioners, the chatter of crowds, as well as the ambient noise from howling winds and bustling traffic outdoors, can potentially compromise audio quality. Managing these noises and effectively amplifying human voices in footage are crucial for improving audio quality and optimizing user experience.

XVR Smart Noise Reduction Technology

Improved Speech Recognition

UNV Smart Noise Reduction Technology collects noise samples from common environments, such as office spaces with air conditioning hums or outdoor areas with traffic sounds. By training its audio data model with these samples, the system learns to assign higher weights to desired sounds, like human speech, and lower weights to unwanted noise.

More Effective Reduction of Noises

Traditional noise reduction methods are often limited to filtering steady-state noises, leaving transient noises like keyboard typing or door slamming untouched. UNV Smart Noise Reduction Technology, however, is trained on both steady-state and transient noise spectral characteristics. This enables it to effectively suppress a wide range of noise types, improving speech recognition and overall audio quality in diverse environments.

Compatibility with Coaxial Audio Cameras

Leveraging advanced backend intelligent algorithms, UNV technology enables effective noise reduction on all cameras that support coaxial audio. This seamless integration ensures that users can enjoy enhanced audio quality across their security systems without the need for extensive setup or additional investments.

Performance Comparison

With traditional noise reduction

With UNV smart noise reduction

Application Values

UNV Smart Noise Reduction Technology offers a comprehensive solution to the audio challenges encountered in the security industry. By leveraging advanced algorithms, it effectively reduces noise, addressing a significant pain point within the industry. Moreover, its compatibility with various types of cameras ensures seamless integration into existing systems. Overall, this technology significantly enhances the quality and reliability of audiovisual content in security applications, providing valuable support for industry professionals in their monitoring efforts.

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