More Than High Definition – Uniview IPC6200 Series PTZ Dome

Known as a professional video surveillance device provider, Uniview launches a new series of PTZ dome camera IPC6200 series. With most of the advanced features of Uniview cameras, IPC6200 series support 20x/30x optical zoom, defog, wide temperature range and all-weather design.

“All-weather design” for PTZ dome is first put forwarded by Uniview, and awarded iF design 2013 for its innovation in both appearance and business value. The optical glass window in front of lens offers higher transmittance of visible light, which is also coated with hydrophobic film on the surface to provide water and dust repellence. What’s more, with the a special material adopted, the window in front of IR LED could cut off visible light to conceal components inside and at the same time provide 8% higher IR transmittance, making IR illumination more efficient.

To ensure the reliability and adaptability, this series is also equipped with 6KV surge protection and ±25% voltage range to adapt to unstable electrical status. And an extremely wide temperature range of -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F) makes it reliable under extreme weather conditions and ideal for monitoring wide open indoor and outdoor spaces.

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