Uniview Launches New Dual-Lens PTZ Camera

The traditional fixed IP cameras usually monitor only in one fixed area, while PTZ cameras are capable of rotating and monitoring multiple directions because of its structure. However, traditional PTZ cameras are still restricted to monitor one direction at a time. When the lens rotates to another direction, the image of monitored area in the original direction will be lost. Recently, Uniview launched a new style of PTZ camera – the dual-lens PTZ camera, combining strengths from fixed IP cameras and PTZ.

First of all, aesthetically speaking, the newly launched dual-lens PTZ camera overturns the traditional PTZ camera design by adding a lens. The upper lens, a 2.8mm fixed lens, is responsible for capturing the overall picture, while the lower lens, a 4x zoom detail lens that can rotate 345°, is to capture the details of the picture.

In additional to the widened monitoring area the fixed lens brought, more details were captured from the detail lens. For instance, if a target is spotted in the picture, the detail lens will automatically track and zoom in to see the details. At the same time, the fixed lens is able to monitors the rest area, in order to maintain thorough information. 

Besides the dual lens design, we made other upgrades on MIC and light.

Bi-directional MIC design, stereo surround sound

Built-in two MICS, distributed on both sides of the fixed lens, to receive sound coming from different directions achieving a surround sound effect in audio, basically, to have a better sound when watch back.

Dual-light design,sound and light alarm,alert when things happen

In addition to the IR light, we have added warm light to deliver a clearer picture at night. At the same time, the warm light is also linked to Smart Intrusion Prevention. When a target is detected entering the area, the warm light will blink to scare off suspicious activities.

UNV new Dual-Lens PTZ camera not only upgraded on a fixed lens configuration, but also on other hardware configuration comprehensive. Better sound and image effects, more comprehensive intelligent functions provide better applications in streets, banks and other scenes.

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