Introducing our new friend: The Red Panda from Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo

Nanjing, China - A new furry friend has captured the hearts of Uniview. With its round head, thick ears, and an innocent and adorable demeanor, this little companion possesses sharp teeth and claws, adding a touch of charm to its appearance. Meet the red panda, a delightful addition to the animal kingdom and a new acquaintance for Uniview, hailing from the Hongshan Forest Zoo in Nanjing, China.

The red panda, classified as a second-level protected species in China, has faced a decline in its suitable habitat due to climate change and human interference over the past few decades. The fragmentation of their habitats has severely limited the population growth of these adorable creatures. However, recent years have seen the implementation of China's nature conservation strategies, gradually facilitating the recovery of the red panda population.

Uniview actively devotes itself to public welfare, and this year Uniview donated equipment to a non-profit zoo, Hongshan Forest Zoo. This initiative has allowed the zookeepers to better observe the daily behaviors of the red pandas, safeguarding their health and ensuring a joyful life.

Thanks to the installation of Uniview's front-end video devices in the Gaoligong exhibition area at Hongshan Zoo, a comprehensive 360-degree panoramic monitoring of the red panda enclosures and nests has been achieved. This system allows for a complete observation of the red pandas' lives and breeding habits, even in the dark of night, providing clear images through infrared imaging.

In the outdoor activity area for the red pandas, UNV dual-lens cameras have been deployed. These cameras not only capture the entire scene but also enable detailed tracking, swiftly pinpointing the active zones of the red pandas.

While the red pandas are undeniably lively and adorable, they also possess a sensitive and fragile side. To ensure their safety, Uniview has stationed vigilant security cameras, forming a perimeter defense system that creates an "invisible" safety line between the red pandas and visitors. This setup effectively discourages boundary-crossing behaviors such as feeding or unauthorized contact. By providing a secure and comfortable playing environment in the activity area, Uniview enables the red pandas to frolic without any worries.

Uniview actively participates in the observation, rescue, and protection of various plants and animals, including the swiftlet, Przewalski's gazelle, and the Tangjiahe Nature Reserve.

As Uniview joins hands with the Hongshan Forest Zoo, the future of the red pandas looks brighter, promising a harmonious coexistence between humans and these lovable creatures.

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