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Management Center

Management Center is the main place for security guards and enterprise managers to check live view and playback through Video Wall, PC workstation and other display devices. Also it is the place to verify alarms and coordinate a response through various platforms such as EZVMS CS Client.

System Stability & Data Safety

UNV devices are designed with various high availability functions to ensure consistent monitoring and recording, as well as preventing data loss from unforeseen devices’ errors and protecting customers’ privacy.

1. System Stability

  • During the period of Auto Network Recovery (ANR). UNV cameras can automatically store video recordings into the camera’s SD card. Once the network is restored, it will automatically send video recordings back to storage server. Enterprise managers will not lose any important video recording, even network fails temporarily.
  • Multiple RAID (Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks) Modes (RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50/60), are built into UNV NVRs and storage servers for better data reliability and higher data safety.
  • Certain UNV NVRs and UNV Unicorn are deployed with Redundant Power Supply to ensure continuous service when power supply failover occurs.
  • UNV NVRs are deployed with N+1 hot backup capability. In the same networking system, if any active NVR is out of service, the Standby NVR will automatically take over services.
  • UNV Unicorn can be deployed with a Hot Spare capability. If the Master Unicorn fails down, the standby Unicorn will take over service immediately. All service and data will transfer back to Master Unicorn when it recovers from failure.

2. Data Safety

  • To meet different storage preferences and needs, there are flexible storage mode options such as Local Storage and Centralized Storage. And storage mode options could be chose based on the different concern of priorities, such as reliability, cost effectiveness or better redundancy of important video recording backup.
  • Video recordings can be watermarked with custom content to prevent video recordings from unauthorized editing.
  • UNV Unicorn is designed with high transfer capabilities which enable multiple users to check live view or playback of the same camera through only one video channel of bandwidth transmission.
  • Admin users can divide into different authority levels through manager authorization. Furthermore, admin users also can log out lower-level users to save resources if needed. In addition, admin users could lock users or set valid date and daily valid time of single user through remote operation.

EZVMS Management Platform/EZVMS

UNV Unicorn is a smart integrated surveillance platform with strong video management, decoding, storing and transfer capabilities.

  • UNV Unicorn can manage hundreds of NVRs, with thousands channels of IP Cameras.
  • UNV Unicorn supports Master & Slave Modes which have double storage and data transfer abilities, and users can easily control the Slave Unicorn device through Master Unicorn device.
  • UNV Unicorn can configure Video Wall function without additional decoders.

EZVMS is a reliable and easy-to-use management platform designed for UNV Unicorn. Its flexible and feature-rich interface helps security guards and building managers verify alarms and coordinate a response more efficient and easier.

  • EZVMS supports Video Tags to mark important video recordings so that they can be easily searched and properly categorized.
  • EZVMS supports Overwrite Protection to protect important video recordings from accidental deletion or overwriting.
  • EZVMS supports flashing alarms on E-maps and links live view on a video wall. It enables security guards to locate alarming area quicker, which significantly shortens their response time.
  • Integrated with EZAgent, EZVMS is compatible with third-party access control.
    Currently the EZAgent supports mainstream manufactures which produce alarm products such as Honeywell, Bosch, Paradox, Hikvision etc., and supports access controller manufacturers such as Tyco, Peake, Das, Newabel etc.

*Note:For more detailed information of third-party access control manufactures supported by EZAgent, please contact local dealer or Uniview technical support team.

This All-in-One Smart Management System includes sub-systems such as linked alarms, E-map, guard tour system, two-way audio and broadcast, device status monitoring, server statistics, query logs, vehicle management and third-party access control etc.

Video Walls & Decoders

We provide various display size options on monitors, video walls and corresponding decoders. All UNV devices are designed and manufactured at highest standards to satisfy 24/7 constant monitoring requirements.

  • UNV Decoders support to configure single screen windows with various display modes.
  • UNV Decoders support DVI-D local input for displaying a PC screen on Video Wall.
  • UNV Decoders are compatible with third-party device streaming via ONVIF protocol or private protocol (partly).