Uniview Provided Video Surveillance Solution for G20

G20, the international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies was held in Hangzhou, China on 4th-5th, September, 2016. President Xi Jinping held the welcome ceremony. Hangzhou was under the highest level security protection.

Uniview, China top 3 and world’s No.8 leading video surveillance manufacturer, provided cutting-edge technologies innovative solutions and reliable VMS platform. Uniview built a comprehensive security system covering province, city and town. During 210 days preparation for G20, Uniview’s devices were deployed in 47 checkpoints. Uniview helped to checked more than 660,000 citizens and arrested around 20 escaped criminals.

Largest numbers of camera connection

The Public Security Bureau of Zhejiang Province used Uniview VMS platform, seamlessly connected with cameras from more than 10 brands, and covered 11 cities in the whole province with more than 300,000 devices. Uniview’s VMS platform worked stable even under such mass connection. It has rich services, supports thousands of users’ connection and can deal with ten thousands of inquiries at the same time.

Innovative VR map

Uniview is the first one to break the visual limitation of 2D GIS map. By creatively using 3D map, positions of devices are more precise and visualized. Moving vehicles can be shown in the 3D map by on site cameras.

Uniview also introduced VR technology to security, which was first time used in big event security. It protected many fleet by 4G board camera and VR map.

660,000 times security checking

In the suburban district of Hangzhou, Uniview advanced vehicle and person detection helped to check more than 660,000 people within one month before G20. It helped to identify and arrest more than 20 escaped criminals. It greatly helped the efficiency, with the support of Uniview system, the police can check 30,000 person every day.

47 Checkpoint, 2km Long Distance Surveillance

Nearly 1000 Uniview cameras were installed in 47 checkpoints in Zhejiang Province, built a surveillance network around Hangzhou.

Uniview 44X Starlight PTZ Dome can see as far as 2km. It is suitable for highway checkpoints and other long distance surveillance.

“G20 is a precious opportunity to test Uniview products and solution.” Said Uniview CEO, Pengguo Zhang, “Video surveillance is the foundation of public security, helps to improve the safety of country. Uniview, together with partners and other manufacturers, helped to build a safe environment for G20.”

Early from Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, Shanghai Expo in 2010, the Asian Games in Guangzhou, to APEC Summit in 2014, Bo’ao Forum, World Internet Conference, Shanghai Disneyland, G20… Uniview has provided reliable and endeavored to pushing the edge of intelligent surveillance.

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