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Safe Shopping Experience with Uniview High-end Video Cameras

Needless to say, it is crucial to monitor all the activities at the shopping mall because no one wants to find himself in a dangerous situation due to dysfunctional or lack of a security system. That is why you will find that in most shopping malls, there are fully operational security systems strategically placed to improve safety.

Qaiwan Plus Mall is a boutique shopping mall located in Qaiwan Towers, Iraq. Qaiwan tower is a new building opened in the first quarter of 2020 and Qaiwan PLus Mall, has become one of the most popular places in Iraq. It has a total operating area of thousands of square meters, including children's leisure park, supermarket, jewelry stores, clothing boutiques, etc. To better protect the customers’ property safety and facilitate the management, Oaiwan Plus Mall has installed Uniview surveillance cameras and a complete set of solutions.


High-quality picture provider - IPC325ER3-DUVPF28 supports starlight and 120d WDR that can provide us bright, clear, and colorful videos and images, even under extreme low light environment, min.0.005Lux. The presence of these security cameras can easily deter crime, and can also be used to monitor employees when they are working the cash registers to avoid thefts.

Business assistant - IPC814SR-DVSPF16 is a fisheye camera that has a 360°angel live view without any blind point. What’s more, the smart function of heat mapping can help the store to better understand its customers. Because heat mapping tracks customer movements throughout the store and delivers the data in the form of a map showing “hot”and “cold” spots, gives a clear picture of which displays attract the most attention, the items with which customers interact most often and areas where activity is lacking. Besides, UNV NVR can integrate with POS to provide theft deterrence. When a customer is checking out, POS will scan the product codes, and his face will also be recorded from the camera, which both information will appear on the screen at the same time. Configure a store’s POS system to automatically embed a text overlay into surveillance video recorded at the register can effectively track transactional theft such as false refunds.

Ultra stable system - NVR308-64R-B and NVR516-64 support Max. 64 channel cameras playing live view at the same time. The Linux system with Raid 5 can ensure high-level security. The front panel maintenance and highly reliable system greatly reduce maintenance costs and give you a more comfortable environment.

Easy monitor on the mobile app: EZView provides you a more convenient way to check the status wherever you are.

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