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Incheon Marine Coast Guard,South Korea

Located in the coastal area of northwestern Korea, Incheon is the second largest port and the third largest city in Korea. In 1990, Incheon to Weihai, as the first sea route from China to South Korea,  and set up a "Golden Bridge" for economic and trade exchanges between the two countries.

The Incheon Marine Coast Guard is the largest maritime police agency in the central region of Korea, including 9 administrative agencies such as the Rescue and Safety Bureau, the Investigation and Intelligence Bureau, and Marine Pollution Response Bureau. In addition, it also includes five Regional Maritime Police Agencies and twenty Maritime Police Stations. The duties of the Incheon Marine Coast Guard include guarding the national maritime safety, maintaining maritime security order and preventing marine pollution, in order to protect the country's maritime sovereignty and create a clean and safe ocean.

“Coast Guard is the highest law enforcement agency responsible for maritime safety and control off the coast, and it is extremely strict for video surveillance products and its deployment, the products should provide clear images both day and night, and trigger alarm in real-time.” One police from Incheon Coast Guard said. As a leading global manufacturer of professional video surveillance devices and solutions, Uniview’s solution completely meets all requirements. There are 20 high-performance NVRs deployed, and about hundreds of starlight network cameras installed, including bullet camera and dome camera, covering the indoor areas, entrance areas and surrounding areas.

In the surrounding areas, the super starlight camera can deliver colorful, clear images with less blur of face and license plate number in ultra-low light environment, even the illumination is 0.0005 lux. Together with the 50m IR range and up to 121.36° view angle, it can achieve 24/7 no-blind area monitoring. There are multiple smart functions supported by the IP camera, in order to ensure security and safety of the Coast Guard, 3 lines have been drawn on each camera and trigger alarm not only on NVR but also on the siren connected when something crosses the line. Further, it can also trigger alarms when the camera is moved based on scene change detection function.

In the indoor areas, the super starlight eyeball camera can also provide clear images in dark areas. With the 120dB true WDR and UNV unique compensation algorithm, it can capture a balanced image with optimal exposure for all areas such as the entrance, and help Coast Guard to accurately distinguish key people or events. In addition, UNV cameras support private mask to protect the confidential zone.

As a national security agency, the device stability and the video integrity are really important. UNV NVR are designed in advanced material and can work  within a wide range of temperature and voltage,  and also protects from 6KV surge. Multiple security strategies and protocols have been adopted by UNV NVR, such as ARP protection and strong password, can effectively prevent cyber attack, UNV NVR also support digital watermark to identify whether the video have been edited. Camera’s ANR technology and NVR redundant design guarantee the video would not lost. There are three monitoring centers in the Incheon Coast Guard with dedicated person on duty 24/7, covering all the areas. The PC client of responsible person have installed UNV software EZStation, it support to check the live view and playback video within the assigned authentication, in this way, the responsible person can receive the alarm and take action immediately in the office.

As the global TOP 4 video surveillance solution provider, Univew has harvested a large number of fans by Safe City Projects, Government Projects, Commercial Centers Projects, Large Institutions Projects and the residential distribution markets around the world in the last six years. Uniview has always been committed to providing more sophisticated products to users around the world, and is committed to creating a safer and better future.

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