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Uniview creates a safe environment for world-class hotels in Qatar

Millennium Central Hotel is a well-known chain hotel that operated at 79 locations globally. It is the second Millennium hotel constructed in Qatar and is a model situated in the heart of the city’s commercial and diplomatic district. This five-star hotel offers the famous warmth of Arabian hospitality through an exclusive array of services and leisure facilities.

As a five-star hotel, it is very important to ensure the financial and personal safety of guests. The hotel has multiple public places, such as restaurants, entertainment facilities, Spa & fitness center and so on. The ability to check the real-time dynamics of public places is very beneficial to hotel safety.

Uniview delivered the complete video surveillance solution for Millennium Central Hotel of Qatar. There were 221 cameras installed in the hotel, covering corridors, exits, entrances, halls and other key locations. All of the key areas can be actively watched on multiple screens at the same time. So no matter what happened, the security staff can quickly take action. Additionally, IPC3232ER3-DVZ28-C is chosen to adapt to variable applications.


• IPC: IPC3232ER3-DVZ28-C have 120dB WDR and smart functions. WDR could properly handles scenarios that consist of both bright and dark light conditions and greatly improve the image quality.

• System stability: The NVR308-32E-B support maximum 32 cameras playing live at the same time. With the RAID5, a damaged disk could be replaced directly during the power-on condition, which significantly simplifies the maintain procedure. 

• User friendly: With Uniview CCTV system, work staff can monitor all the key areas in a control room, even tele-visit the surveillance video conveniently from anywhere. Additionally, the operating software is very easy to learn and use.

Besides world-class hotels, Uniview is covering more industries including retail stores, shopping malls, city surveillance, banks, hospitals, educational campuses, factories etc. Uniview is dedicated to providing high-quality products for global customers.

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