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A city generally consist of different ethnic minorities, it has complex system for housing, transportation, sanitation, utilities, land use and communication. Due to that, the criminals, traffic congestion, critical infrastructure damage, etc. might occur in the city. In this situation, government needs an advanced city surveillance system to ensure public security and make cities more intelligent.

Uniview is a pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance and video surveillance solution in global public security industry. With professional, reliable and cutting-edge products and rich experience in city surveillance industry, Uniview offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution to face the challenges from city security.



  • Unreasonable camera deployment
  • Lags in response to active alarms
  • Inefficient manual inspection and system maintenance
  • Cyber security and data safety
  • Poor system expansibility


  • Abundant types of cameras to adapt for different designs
  • Various VMS functions to locate emergency quickly
  • Unique system networking, more reliable and efficient
  • Highly reliable IP storage and secured system architecture for data safety
  • Advanced NGN architecture, easy to expand

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