Teaching Area
Teaching Area

Teaching area is the core of a university because a large number of students and teachers gather here, including teaching buildings, libraries, laboratories, etc. There are many buildings in this area, so indoor video surveillance equipment needs to be deployed here to protect students and teachers from harm.

Analog Access

  • Hybrid NVR provides two access modes: analog and network
  • Suitable for elevator analog cameras and other analog cameras

Smart IR

  • Smart IR function can balance the luminance level between distant and nearby objects
  • Provide consistent clear image of moving objects under low light scenes

Smart IR ON

Smart IR OFF

PIR Alarm

  • With PIR function integrated inside, UNV cameras are suitable to monitor important areas at night
  • Built-in white light, capture colored image when strangers intruding

360° Panoramic

  • 4K fisheye panoramic image, de-warping modes supported
  • Multiple mounting modes are available, including ceiling, wall and desktop
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