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Gambling Zone

A large number of players would gather at gambling zone where the trade disputes would usually happen in. Based on that, cameras need to effectively monitor the card symbols, color and transactions between staff and guests while the light would frequently change.

WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

  • Sony STARVIS sensor with UNV self-developed ISP processing technology
  • Deliver clear and visible images in high-contrast lighting scenes



4K Ultra HD

  • 4K series products are equipped with exclusive U-code technology
  • Ultra-high resolution with lower bitrate, saving bandwidth and storage

60 FPS

  • Smooth video image while monitoring high speed movement
  • Ensure every detail clearly in gambling zone

Tinted Lower Dome

  • Provides discreet surveillance with a tinted glass shield
  • Using brown glass to better merge the camera into the environment, easier to monitor more details while not been discovered by guests

Tinted Glass

Normal Glass