Uniview 2017 Annual Report: 480 Million USD Revenue, 50.5% Year-on-year Growth

Uniview released the annual financial report of 2017, achieving 480 million USD revenue and 50.5% year-on-year growth. The total net profit significantly grew to 60 million USD with 155.5% year-on-year growth. In the 6th year since founded, Uniview is getting closer to the vision: the provider of global public security product and solution, intelligent traffic system and intelligent business security product and solution; the leader in global security with high quality, intelligent product and pioneering. Till the end of 2017, Uniview delivered products and solutions to more than 140 countries and regions, ranked No.7 in global video surveillance industry in 2016.Uniview insists on open cooperation, which attracts more than 910 partners joined in the positive partner system Uniview built.

“With countless efforts from all employees, we had the fastest growth in both revenue and profit in 2017.We gained a remarkable development in overseas market, and both industry and distributing market in China.” Said Hermit Zhang, CEO of Uniview, “Uniview entered into overseas market in 2014. During three years’ market expanding, we are keeping more than 100% GAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). In Chinese domestic industry market, we are continuously strengthening our advantages in high-end industries. As for installer and distributing market, we are digging deeper into the market and creating a new competitiveness.” Till now, Uniview has delivered, more than 330 ITS projects, 45 airports, over 100 metro lines, more than 380 enterprises, more than 230 highways, and 200 buildings in the top CBD.

The fast development of Uniview derives from the endless pursuit of quality and innovation. Till the end of 2017, Uniview applied 1477 patents, 83% of which are innovation patents. Uniview has the largest per capita patents in the industry. And on every workday, one patent would be applied. In 2017, Uniview established two R&D centers in Xi’an and Jinan, and owns four R&D centers (including two more in Hangzhou and Shenzhen) in total. Hence the R&D strength and the maturity of development increased rapidly. Nowadays, over 50% employees of Uniview are from R&D department. Uniview will keep increasing investment on R&D, insisting on high quality and bringing more advanced and stable products and “Security + AI” solution to global customers.

Looking into the upcoming age, Uniview is one of top players in the industry. With the increasing demand for video surveillance, the deepening of China's "One Belt and One Road" strategy, Uniview has a huge potential for expansion and growth in overseas markets. 2018 is the 7th of Uniview’s independent operating year. We will build a positive competition, create larger value, and grow to be stronger together with all of our global partners.

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