The Largest Cash Clearing Center, Zambia

Armaguard is the largest security company for cash transport among almost all of the banks in Zambia. Almost all of the banks would clear cash here. Armaguard Company owns a large office building and more than 50 securicars.


Cameras are installed in the ground floor of the Armaguard cash clearing center. The center is under extremely strict security protection. Every person go inside will have security check. No money can be taken inside, not even a coin. The clearing center have 14 clearing areas in total, each are under monitoring with 6 cameras. The solution equipped with NVR516 and two disk enclosures, using three monitors to view 88 camera live view simultaneously.


High density mass capacity storage: 7/24, 90 days uninterrupted storing

Built-in 16 SATA interfaces and two mini SAS interfaces for additional disk enclosures, NVR516 provides 7*24 hours, 90 days uninterrupted recording of hundreds of cameras. Such a mass storage makes it possible and convenient to search video and event long time ago.

High level data safety: redundant design and RAID NVR

In order to keep the system working with highest safety level, NVR516 provides redundant power supply in case of electricity failure. For data storage, NVR516 provides different Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks like RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10. Even one of the HDD is broken by chance, NVR can prevent the data missing and rebuild RAID in a short time.

Strong decoding ability: equal to 112-ch 1080P decoding ability

With numerous cameras connected, NVR516 can decode up to 112-ch 1080P HD video with 14 HDMI screens. All cameras especially key areas can be monitored with multiple screens at real time. No matter where the event happened, guards can see the event and adopt measures at first time.