Kiev International Airport, Ukraine


Recently, Kiev Zhulyany International Airport replaced surveillance system with Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd. products. The airport locates in the neighborhood of residential area in Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine. Its glorious history may go back to 1924, currently the airport is undergoing a series of development projects, the operate team is trying to create an international airport which “will take its rightful place among the best airports of Ukraine and the world”. By promoting the security project, it provides enough safety service for passengers travelling here.


The solution UNV offers consists of day and night functional IP cameras to acquire visual information and professional NVR as storage.


WDR: According to the airport construction condition, which contains large amount of glass, there can be strong light in some visual area. Our bullet camera with WDR function enables to provide high image quality and is easier to identify key information such as faces or luggage.

IR anti-reflection glass: Basically the airport runs non-stop as the flights could arrive anytime, the suggest was been adopted by the operate team that installing our fixed dome with IR anti-reflection window and could be adjusted up to 30m (98 ft) IR distance. It solves the problem of lacking of good quality image at night, and meets the need of security protection just right.

Professional NVR: In order to processing and storing the video data stable and secure, the solution uses our 16-ch NVR, with 4-ch sync instant playback, accurate retrieval and HDMI output up to 1080p function, enabling the surveillance administration team find the video segment efficiently.


Airport is a unique site with different optical situation, extremely high requirements about stability and reliability. Our solution solves the matter with high quality and well functional equipments, protecting millions of passengers days and nights.

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