Uniview Protects The Memory and Tolerance Museum in Mexico City, Mexico

The Museo Memoria y Torelancia, (Museum of Memory and Tolerance), in Mexico City, Mexico, aims to disseminate the importance of tolerance, nonviolence, and Human Rights. Its mission is to create awareness through historical memory, alert about the danger of indifference, and promote cultural appreciation and acceptance.

Facility Challenges

As a museum that houses and preserves cultural artifacts and is open to the public, the Museum of Memory and Tolerance experiences significant security challenges which include:

• The need to maintain exceptional visibility across the entire facility
• Monitoring the heavy volume of visitors
• Preventing vandalism
• Protecting museum assets
• Maintaining a safe environment

The Museum of Memory and Tolerance chose Uniview to deliver an expansive video surveillance solution which solved their security challenges. The Uniview solution included a network of 4MP UNV dome cameras and UNV IP cameras. The solution provides excellent image quality, useful smart function, and customized interface design. 4MP UNV dome cameras with outstanding WDR functionality were deployed at the entrances of the museum where the light varied dramatically. UNV IP cameras also covered corridors and exhibition halls. With multiple smart functions, including , people counting, and smart search, the security level in the museum was vastly improved. With these implementations, the security staff of the museum can be more efficient and act quickly if an emergency event was to happen.

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