What are you expecting from PTZ camera?


Lower labor cost

Nowadays, labor costs are getting more expensive, the complicated monitoring installation process often result in higher labor cost.


See further and clearer

With the development of city, the demand for monitoring is also upgrading, people want to see objects in detail from farther away.


More advanced hardware

Outdoor monitoring is usually need to face the challenges of more complex environment and bad weather.

How do we meet your expectations?

Easy Operation

This 4 inch PTZ Camera is about the size of a football and can be held in one hand. This makes the installation labor-saving. It also adds abundant interface, engineers can use it to complete the adjustment in a short time.

Football size

Can be held in one hand, improve installation efficiency, lower labor cost.

Abundant interface

Add BNC and RS485 interface, can connect radar, smoke alarm and so on, easy to adjust and integrate.

Pioneering Performance

This 4 inch PTZ Camera is equipped with 4MP HD resolution and 25x optical zoom. This configuration brings more details to the monitoring and makes everything clearer.

4MP HD resolution and 25x optical zoom

Convenient for remote monitoring and sees the details.

Lighthunter technology

Deliver colorful, bright and clear images in ultra-low illumination environment.




WDR technology make the image is also clear in brightly lit or high contrast environments.

Strong Environmental Adaptation

This 4 inch PTZ camera adopts IP67, IK10 and 6kv lightning rate. These protections make it work undisturbed in various environments.


Work in stealth in parking lots and other scenes that need to weaken the sense of monitoring.

Work accurately in densely populated areas such as urban road.

Work efficiently in campuses and other areas that require long-term monitoring.

Press Release

The most wanted PTZ ——4 inch PTZ Camera IPC6424SR-X25-VF

With the development and progress of society, application scenarios of monitoring become more and more complicated, the number of targets is increasing and the target behaviors are becoming unpredictable.

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