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Reliable quality, innovative design, superior performance.
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As a leading security camera service provider, Uniview can meet your security needs in different scenarios. Our IP cameras render high-quality images even in low illumination environment. They features smart functions based on video content analytics, while minimizing bandwidth and storage. The most important business value of them is to provide excellent performance at an affordable price.
Product Series
Sharp Series
Products from the Sharp series are the most popular choices for entry-level applications such as residential and small retail stores.
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Prime Series
Incredibly, you can always find the ideal product in the Prime range, which has even more advanced features to achieve excellent performance.
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Pro Series
The Pro series are born with excellent ultra-smart technology, to deliver superior users experience.
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Star Products
Carving a colorful world
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Star Products
Guardian at night, protection on site
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The Endless Pursuit of Quality
UNBOXING | UNV Tri Guard Series
UNV Prime III Professional Series
CAMPAIGN | ColorHunter - Carving a Colorful World
UNV Tri-Guard Series
Featured Function - Active Deterrence of Tri Guard
No complicated wiring! Try UNV Wi-Fi Kit!
UNBOXING | UNV dual-lens ColorHunter camera
Introducing UNV MultiView Series Cameras!
UNBOXING | 4MP ColorHunter+Varifocal Camera
Unboxing | Uniview Active Deterrence Cameras
UNBOXING | 4MP ColorHunter
UNBOXING | UNV ColorHunter Cameras
UNV EasyStar 4MP ColorHunter Big Size Sensor Camera
UNV EasyStar 4MP ColorHunter Big Size Sensor Camera
Unboxing | 5MP HD 180°Wide Angle IR Fixed Network Camera
UNV 5MP EasyStar IP Cameras
Anti-surge protection
Wide Voltage
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