Uniview Launches New 4 Inch Dual-Lens PTZ Camera

Traditional IP cameras can monitor the panorama, but cannot track details very well at the same time. Likewise, traditional PTZ cameras can focus on details, while panoramic information is lost. None of these traditional cameras have the best of both worlds.

In some expansive and complex scenes, it is usually necessary to combine panoramic with detailed information. For example, in an outdoor parking lot, more than one violation needs to be monitored, and it needs to be seen in full and in detail. Many thieves will seize the loopholes in the traditional camera to carry out collective criminal activities, thus affecting the security of the parking lot.

Uniview's newly released 4 inch dual-lens PTZ camera will effectively solve the above challenges. Thanks to its dual-lens design, both panorama and detail can be well considered. The upper 4mm fixed lens captures panoramic image, while the lower 25X zoom lens tracks details in footage.

Let's check the highlights of the new product:

Panorama and details in one camera

The dual-lens design can monitor different directions with rich details that previously required multiple cameras.

图片4 图片5

High quality image performance

Thanks to IR and white light, the cameras can capture clear image in low-light environments. Powered by ColorHunter and LightHunter technology, color image can be displayed during the day, the only difference is that the white light of ColorHunter can help capture the colorful images at night

全景-全彩.  全景-红外1

ColorHunter                     LightHunter


Light and compact

It is the same size as a football and can be held in one hand, which can save labor costs during installation, lens adjustment and so on.


Smart intrusion prevention

The smart intrusion prevention function can effectively filter irrelative information, focusing only on people, non-motor vehicle and vehicle. Only when these targets violate the rules, the alarm will be triggered.


Noticeable light and sound alarm

The warm light is linked to smart intrusion prevention function. When the target mentioned above violates the rules, noticeable light and sound alarm will be triggered to expel the suspicious target.


Expel intruders process

With the above highlights, the UNV 4 inch dual-lens PTZ camera can be used in more complex environments, such as outdoors parking lots, traffic intersections, squares etc. Like in outdoor parking lots, in the event of an abnormal situation, the panoramic view can be monitored and the target can be quickly tracked at the same time.

If you want to know more about how this new product is applied in outdoor parking lots, you can read this article: How do UNV 4 inch dual lens PTZ cameras play a big role in outdoor parking lots?

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