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Discoteca Teatro Kapital, Spain


Discoteca Teatro Kapital is the biggest disco and one of the most well-known and popular clubs in Madrid. Kapital is a prime example of the city’s larger-than-life social scene, and just as much a tourist destination as the nearby Prado Museum. The seven floors of musical madness offer something for just about everyone. The main dance floor is on the first level and features three bars, an amazing light show, and a frenzied crowd. As a most crowd club in Spain, the secured protection is very important in this environment.


Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd. provided high performance network cameras, and very specially project PTZ camera which suits the club very well. The full spectrum PTZ can give white light in the disco so that the PTZ can get a colorful image even when some area is dark. Also the white light suits the disco environment very well.


Smart IR---Compared to normal IR, it is easier to get better image with smart IR. It avoids overexposure for important objects and details under IR, which is perfectly suitable for night.

WDR---The UNV bullet adopted in the project is capable of WDR ranges up to 120dB, clear image with rich details can still be acquired in high light contrast situation.

Corridor mode---In this hypermarket scenario, every corner should be under surveillance in order to protect the property and people inside. 9:16 corridor mode could help to double the useful monitoring area in strip areas.


The solution is very professional for the disco environment. Owning professional technologies and high quality products, UNV provide the total IP products for the disco.