UNV PTZ dome cameras are able to configure preset positions and design an automatic guard patrol route. It effectively monitors large parking lots to provide full-time protection for vehicles and value property of visitors and staff. In addition, LPR cameras can manage entrance and exit of authorized vehicles by integrating with blacklist/whitelist filtering function.

Auto Tracking

Once a moving object enters a forbidden area, the path can be tracked and traced by UNV PTZ dome camera with the help of video context analysis. Meanwhile, alarms with detailed information also will be sent to the police office or building management control center.

4K Camera

UNV 4K cameras can provide clear and abundant details in monitoring areas with excellent high resolution performance.

4K Resolution

1080P Resolution

High Ratio Optical Zoom

UNV outdoor PTZ dome cameras can reach up to 38x/44x optical zoom. It is ideal for large parking lots, large open warehouses, common community areas etc.