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Kia Motors,Slovakia

Kia Motors Slovakia is the most modern production facility of the car producer Kia Motors that can be found in Teplička nad Váhom not far from the town of Žilina in the Slovak Republic. It is the first and only Kia production facility in Europe.

At present, there are dozens of cameras and NVRs of the Uniview brand in the facility. Part of the cameras that have been installed there allows operators to monitor the delivery of components indented for the car production process. The rest of them are in charge of recording key production activities.

Integrate image into traceable production system

These cameras are in charge of an important part of the production process, in which sealer is applied to those car components that are subsequently welded. The operators are able to monitor sealer application in real time through camera live view and they can stop the production process when a fault is detected; at the same time, all robot activities are archived by snapshots. All robot actions at the monitored workplace are paired with car VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) – this way, all actions performed at the monitored workplace are traceable with not only written information but also pictures and videos.

A brand new way of video surveillance for manufacturing

Uniview provided a brand new way of video surveillance which not only provide image, but also fully combined into production, helped to record the key production moment and can easily trace back together with other production record.

Moreover, Uniview special firmware and specialized proprietary U-code codec ensure extremely short response times and significant reduction in data flow and storage space. Uniview industrial cameras provide very high image quality and attractive design suitable for modern production facilities.

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