Lối vào và LỐI RA
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Lối vào và LỐI RA

Entrance and Exit port are not only the two passages, but the key areas for public security monitoring. Ensuring accurate people flowing data is the priority for retail surveillance solution on security personnel management and assisting business decision.


UNV WDR cameras combine Sony STARVIS sensor technology with our self-developed ISP processing technology to fully utilize sensor’s potential and imaging performance, deliver clear and visible images under high-contrast lighting condition. It is particularly ideal for entrance ways and exits.



People Counting

UNV cameras can provide Intelligent Analysis functions such as people counting which supports real-time data of people flow at the entrance. In the meantime, the NVR and EZVMS can output the daily/monthly/yearly report which is helpful for making business decision and re-arranging staff.

Face Detection & Face Recognition

Integrated with blacklist/whitelist filtering, Face Detection and Face Recognition (realized in a Smart Bar) functions enable UNV cameras to spot a target person and send alarms instantly to the management center.

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